l i n k s

Wikipedia: Great for researching small class projects. Not so great to be cited as a "real" resource for big school projects.

New York Times Archive: An excellent place to find old (or new) newspaper articles.

Google Scholar: A great way to search the internet when you're doing a project and cut out all those unrelated non-educational links you don't need.

History Day
Creating A Project

Time Magazine. Weekly magazine on current events and political issues. www.time.com

Newsweek. Weekly magazine on current events and political issues.

LA Times. Daily newspaper on current events and political issues.

The Daily Show With John Stewart. Website devoted to political satire and news. www.thedailyshow.com


The West Wing. Episodes from several season are available on DVD.

Indecision 2000. Available online from www.thedailyshow.com .

National Public Radio: www.npr.org

The Daily Show: www.thedailyshow.com

Fact Check: www.factcheck.org

Vote Smart: www.vote-smart.org

National Budget Simulation: www.nathannewman.org/nbs

Time: www.time.com

Newsweek: www.newsweek.com

Presidents of the United States: http://www.presidentsusa.net

Public Opinion Online: http://www.pollingreport.com

Atlantic Online: www.theatlantic.com

Political Test: http://www.politicalcompass.org


Compiled with the assistance of fellow Social Science teacher, Duran Valdez.