G o v e r n m e n t

Unit 1: Foundations of US Government
Ch. 1: Principles of Government
Ch. 2: Origins of American Government
Ch. 3: The Constitution
Ch. 4: Federalism

Unit 2: Political Behavior
Ch. 5: Political Parties
Ch. 6: Voters and Voter Behavior
Ch. 7: The Electoral Process
Ch. 8: Mass Media and Public Opinion
Ch. 9: Interest Groups

Unit 3: The Legislative Branch
Ch. 10: Congress
Ch. 11: Powers of Congress
Ch. 12: Congress in Action

Unit 4: The Executive Branch
Ch. 13: The Presidency
Ch. 14: The Presidency in Action
Ch. 15: Government at Work
Ch. 16: Financing the Government
Ch. 17: Foreign Policy | National Defense

Unit 5: The Judicial Branch
Ch. 18: The Fedearl Court System
Ch. 19: First Amendment Freedoms
Ch. 20: Protecting Individual Rights
Ch. 21: Equal Justice Under Law

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